We areMOEV

MOEV’s founders are key members of the UCLA engineering team that developed the smart charging technology and authored the patents for it. They are augmented by a team of seasoned business management professionals.

MOEV’s technology enables user-friendly, scalable and economically deployable electric vehicles charging infrastructure for commercial customers, specifically bus, truck, van or car fleet operators.

MOEV helps by significantly lowering EV charging site host operating expenditure (OPEX) and capital expenditure (CAPEX) and fully managing the energy and power management to satisfy the fleet’s duty cycle needs.

Our Mission


To be your organization’s smartest EV charging solution.


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Get to knowour team


Dr. Peter Chu

Senior VP Engineering and Co-Founder
Dr. Peter Chu, Senior VP Engineering and Co-Founder, has a PhD in Engineering, along with 15+ years of technology and product development and leading teams. He's an expert on electric vehicles, storage and microgrids, as well as being the co-founder of a mobile multimedia startup.

Dr. Rajit Gadh

Co-Founder and Disruptor
Dr. Rajit Gadh, MOEV Co-Founder and Disruptor is a professor of engineering with over 200 publications. He is the co-founder of one startup and advisor to a several others, and has raised over $20 million in funding for R&D and technology development.
Apurva Chandra

Apurva Chandra

VP Business Development, Sales and Marketing
Apurva Chandra, MOEV VP Business Development, Sales and Marketing, is an independent consultant who works out of Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay area. He focuses on marketing and new business development for both large organizations as well as startup companies, that wish to expand their sales footprint. His services include assisting companies in seeking both technological and equity based partnerships. Previously he was with the HP Telecom Division and with Digital Equipment Corp.

Dr. Wei Lu

Senior Engineer
Dr. Wei Lu, MOEV Senior Software Engineer, received his Ph.D. and Master's degree in Informatics from Kyoto University, Japan. He has experience in developing novel algorithms and software in various areas. He joins MOEV for creating unique EV charging technologies.

Yijing Jiang

Software Engineer
Yijing Jiang, MOEV software engineer, received her Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering - Machine Learning and Data Science from the University of Southern California. She is mainly supporting the Company's AI-based Machine Learning and Optimization software to control the smart charging process of electric vehicles.

Weiheng Yuan

Software Engineer
Weiheng Yuan received his Master's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California and participated in a research group about estimating the circuit De-obfuscation runtime. In MOEV.inc he worked on the front end for the dashboard design and also has experience in OCPP charging protocol building and designing.

Rick Sikes

EV Fleet Partnerships
Rick Sikes, EV Fleet Partnerships, was Fleet Superintendent for City of Santa Monica, California, has 25+ years in fleet management on a wide variety of equipment and alternative fuel vehicles, and helped the city to meet its goal of a clean fuel fleet.

Dr. Himanshu Pota

Dr. Himanshu Pota, Expert, Grid Controls, Optimization & Management, has 400+ technical publications, as well as global expertise in electrical power grid technology, having worked across three continents.

Jeremy Snyder

Strategic Advisor
Jeremy Snyder, Strategic Advisor, after years as an entrepreneur, was Tesla's Head of Global Business Development. He creating Tesla’s go-to-market strategy, opened Tesla’s first stores, and helped grow Tesla’s business on the west coast to over 1 billion in annual sales by 2014.

Brent Callinicos

Strategic Advisor
Brent Callinicos is a board member at Baidu, where he serves on the organization’s Corporate Responsibility Committee. He was previously the chief financial officer of Uber, and now has an advisory role at Hyperloop One, after being its CFO.

Paul Glenney

Strategic Advisor
Paul Glenney was CEO of Hubject Inc. for over three years, the North American division of the most widely adopted interoperability and Plug&Charge software ecosystems for electric vehicle charging networks in the world. As an early participant in the electric vehicle industry, Glenney supported the launch of the Nissan LEAF and the BMW ActiveE.

Lee Krevat

Strategic Advisor
Lee has over three decades of experience in the energy and technology industries. While working at San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E), a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, led SDG&E’s smart grid and electric vehicle grid initiatives. Lee was also director of new ventures for Sempra Renewables.

Dr. Ching-Yen Chung

Dr. Ching-Yen Chung, MOEV Control Engineer, has a PhD in Engineering, along with 10+ years of hardware and embedded systems experience. He has worked as senior engineer for a major hardware manufacturer.

Jennifer Bredell

Project Manager,Operations & Social Networking
Jennifer Bredell, Project Manager, Operations & Social Networking, was a project manager for Advanced Sustainability Institute, has a sustainability certificate from the UCLA Extension Global Sustainability Program, and earned a Master of Law degree in Sweden.

Dean Adams Curtis

Senior Manager, Communications & Training
Dean Adams Curtis, Senior Manager, Communications & Training, was Operations Manager, UCLA Smart Grid Energy Research Center, an instructor and course designer for UCLA Extension's Sustainability Program, and supervised satellite earth station operations for France Telecom.

Charlie Qiu

Charlie Qiu, MOEV System Engineer, has a masters degree in computer science, along with 15+ years as the co-founder of a startup in the point-of-sale space, as well as being a systems architect.

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