MOEV Seeks Three Software Engineers

MOEV Inc. is a California-based startup with operations in Los Angeles and Silicon Valley that has developed AI and Machine Learning Technology for Smart Management of Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure with a focus on Fleets. MOEV’s Los Angeles office has job openings to support these activities. 

MOEV is the future. A team of UCLA engineers and business management professionals behind MOEV have developed a startup company that is innovating the future of sustainable zero emissions transportation. 

MOEV’s technology has been installed on both coasts of the U.S. and is rapidly expanding nationwide. Working for MOEV is an opportunity to make a large scale impact on the environment by helping to develop and improve EV technology and meet the needs of its customers. We are targeting last mile van fleets (Amazon, UPS, FedEx, etc.) and transit municipal bus fleets (endorsed by the department of transportation in the New Green Deal). Restricted stock units are offered with these positions.

Interested candidates should apply through this link: 

Position 1 – AI/ machine learning for prediction and planning


  • AI/ machine learning techniques, algorithms, and software development Python programming language
  • Experience with machine learning software tools available in Python

Position 2 – Optimization via data science and numerical techniques including AI/Machine Learning


  • Optimization techniques using classical and AI/machine learning Algorithms and software development Python programming language
  • Experience with software tools available in Python

Position 3 – Android and iPhone app development

  • Android dev – Programming experience in Android phone app dev, knowledge of background tasks, web service, push notification, Xamarin Forms, or Xamarin Android
  • IOS dev – Programming experience in IOS phone app dev, knowledge of background tasks, web service, push notification, Xamarin Forms or Xamarin, Android, Cobject, C++ or other OOP.

Paul Glenney joins MOEV Advisory Board

MOEV is pleased to announce that Paul Glenney has joined our Advisory Board

Paul was the CEO of Hubject Inc. for over three years, the North American division of the most widely adopted interoperability and Plug&Charge software ecosystems for electric vehicle charging networks in the world. As an early participant in the electric vehicle industry, Glenney has been at the forefront of electric vehicles since the launch of Nissan LEAF and the BMW ActiveE.  Playing key roles at Faraday Future, NRG EVgo and AeroVironment, Glenney has led teams and projects focused on providing charging infrastructure and supporting programs needed for electric vehicle adoption resulting in well over 1,000 L2 and DCFC installations in North America.  Combined with Glenney’s experience in renewable energy technologies such as solar, wave, tidal and small wind, as well as micro-grids and energy storage, Glenney has a deep understanding of the relationship between eMobility, DERs, utilities and government.

MOEV Comments on Medium- and Heavy-Duty Zero-Emission Vehicles & Infrastructure to CEC

April 24, 2020
California Energy Commission
Docket 19-ERDD-01
1516 Ninth Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear California Energy Commissioner and Staff,

MOEV is a Los Angles based start up company applying Artificial Intelligence to challenges of smart charging of electric vehicles, including medium and heavy duty fleet vehicles. We have several pilot installations, including combined workplace and fleet charging at La Kretz Innovation Campus in Los Angeles, where our technology has been piloted and tested.

Our system includes reduced CAPEX and OPEX benefits for site hosts providing fleet charging, as well as the potential for grid service via peak shaving, time shifting of load, and demand response.

We applaud the CEC for initiating infrastructure to enable the shifting of our medium and heavy duty fleets from internal combustion vehicles to electric. We hope that resulting funding opportunities will advance the technology available for such fleet electrification as well as supporting local companies with valuable technologies in the space to export such solutions, in keeping with California’s reputation as a leader in clean energy technologies.

We would like to see several points emphasized in such funding opportunities:

1) Permit smaller fleets to participate, as advanced technologies have more risk and it is a challenge to find fleet operators who will accept that risk for larger 100 heavy duty vehicle fleets. This change makes the program more likely to result in innovative solutions.

2) Add innovation as a scoring category, again with the goal of having California innovate in the space and establish commercial leadership.

3) Add ease of management and lowering of needs for grid capacity as well as efficient management of the site host charging facility through smart power management systems, thus addressing issues such as demand charge mitigation or DER integration – so that the total cost of ownership of a fleet is lowered, while also reducing the burden on the grid.

4) Require funded solutions to show grid support, either in peak load, renewable integration including load shifting, and power quality. This ensures that current investments and funded demonstrations are not simply short term fixes but establish a foundation of smart grid support and evolution as fleet
electrification scales up in the state.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute our thoughts.


Michael Boehm

VP Business,
MOEV, Inc.

See comments as submitted via this link.

Hong Kong’s Apple Daily Report About MOEV

In late September, Hong Kong broadcaster Apple Daily featured a report about MOEV’s artificial intelligence informed EV site host management system, and about our MOEV electric vehicle charger that simultaneously recharges the batteries of four EVs.

A MOEV founder, Peter Chu, spoke with the Apple Daily reporter under the solar panels of the parking lot at the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator, where MOEV’s AI-informed system manages EV charging with an easy-to-use dashboard for EV charging site hosts. Peter spoke in Chinese to the Apple Daily reporter about MOEV’s Quad 2.4 TM charger for four EVs. In addition, he spoke about MOEV’s monitoring and control boxes fixed to third-party EV chargers that share the LACI parking lot’s electric vehicle charging environment. These boxes allow all the EV chargers at LACI to participate in utility company power management events and allow site hosts like LACI to avoid high time-of-use charges.

And, as icing on the cake, Peter showed off MOEV’s simple app for EV drivers.

Peter was joined for the interview by MOEV Vice President of Business Development Michael Boehm, who showed the reporter the start of a charging session of his own EV with MOEV’s charger. “The really cool thing about this product,” Michael noted to Apple Daily, “is that it takes one circuit going in and it has four plugs coming out.”

“We have a lot of solar energy generation,” Michael continued later, “What we do here, is we have measured the photovoltaic energy coming in and we can bring the charging up when there is enough solar energy to completely charge all of our vehicles. That way we don’t have to use anything from the grid. So, you can say you’re driving on sunshine.”

MOEV Now Installed in New York

Updated smart EV chargers installed at New York Power Authority headquarters

Startup now offering smart EV charging from coast-to-coast

September 2019, WHITE PLAINS, NEW YORK: A smart EV charging system that features artificial intelligence is now charging electric vehicles in New York, in the parking structure of the New York Power Authority (NYPA) offices in White Plains. This installation of hardware and software by the startup MOEV Inc. (MOEV), pronounced “move,” effectively puts MOEV on both U.S. coasts.

The MOEV system is being used to charge the electric vehicles of NYPA employees and to conduct various smart EV charging tests. The system is able to power multiple cars simultaneously and avoid high demand charges by distributing the load over both high and low-peak hours as necessary.

“Smart charging allows flexible management of multiple vehicles without increasing the load on the electric grid,” said Shayan Behzadirafi, lead engineer on the NYPA project. “NYPA is exploring scalable load management for EV charging sessions and plans to use learnings from this flexible system to further research the impact of an EV charging load on the grid.”

NYPA is an established leader in clean energy and seeks to reduce its environmental footprint across all aspects of its operations. NYPA employees are encouraged to drive EVs and site visits and work associated travel are often done by using NYPA’s electric vehicle fleet. To further accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles by New Yorkers and visitors, NYPA is deploying a fast charging EVolve NY network across New York State, pursuing various research projects to lower the demand on the grid, and raising consumer awareness about EV driving and its potential positive environmental impact.

“We are happy that MOEV’s EV charging system at the New York Power Authority’s headquarters offers advanced artificial intelligence that will play a role in helping NYPA to accomplish its clean energy goals,” noted MOEV’s VP of Business Development Michael Boehm.

MOEV’s EV charging system for the new grid, i.e. the “smart grid,” has been charging electric vehicles in California for some time now, specifically in the solar panel-shaded parking lot of the Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator in the LA Arts District. There, MOEV’s smart site host management system monitors the “microgrid” and MOEV’s AI-based site control dashboard offers opportunities for time-of-use charge reduction, as well as the opportunity to participate in demand reduction requests from the local electric utility, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power.


MOEV will be at San Diego Symposium


MOEV’s VP of Business Development, Michael Boehm, will be presenting at the upcoming Charge Expo at the San Diego Convention Center on October 1 & 2, 2019. Charge Expo is an annual gathering of suppliers of electric vehicle charging stations, EV infrastructure entrepreneurs, batteries & energy storage folks, utility fleet managers, as well as showcasing advanced zero emissions vehicle technologies.


MOEV (pronounced “move”) offers a smart and cost-effective EV charger that handles four electric vehicles at once, along with another box for monitoring your 3rd-party chargers. We also offer an EV charging energy monitoring and management system perfect for electric vehicle charging site hosts.



MOEV Gains New Adviser, Lee Krevat

MOEV is pleased to announce that Lee Krevat has joined our team as an adviser.

Lee comes to us with over three decades of experience in the energy and technology industries.
While working at San Diego Gas & Electric Company (SDG&E), a subsidiary of Sempra Energy, led  SDG&E  ’s smart grid and electric vehicle grid initiatives. Lee was also director of new ventures for Sempra Renewables.

Prior to joining the Sempra Energy family of companies, Lee led software development teams at Tandem Computers, and was a partner at TransPac Software, a startup in Silicon Valley. He received a bachelor’s degree with university honors in applied mathematics/computer science from Carnegie Mellon University.
Lee sits down weekly with a leader in the fight to mitigate climate change to discuss what they do, what drives them, and their visions for the future. We welcome you to take a a quick listen (via the link below) to the podcast at his site, upon the occasion of his discussion with Rajit Gadh, MOEV co-founder and adviser.

New Advisor Joins MOEV Team


A new advisor has joined the MOEV team!

We welcome Brent Callinicos, who has taken his degrees from the University of North Carolina far. Today, he is a board member at PVH, where he serves on the Corporate Responsibility Committee; a board member of BAIDU, where he is the Chairman of the Audit Committee and a board member of Rubicon Global, where he is the Chairman of the Audit Committee. He was previously the CFO of Uber and CFO/COO of Virgin Hyperloop One.

Brent will advise MOEV on Strategy, Fund Raising and Finance.

Prior to joining Uber, Brent was the VP, Treasurer and Chief Accountant at Google. Before that, he was at Microsoft where he served as Treasurer, as well as serving as the company’s CFO of the Platform & Services Division. His career also included stints at Walt Disney and Procter & Gamble, before joining Microsoft.



MOEV at UCLA Mobility Panel

At a recent mobility panel convened by the UCLA Anderson Graduate School of Management, MOEV’s Michael Boehm offered insights into MOEV technology, which was born out of licensed intellectual property from the UCLA School of Engineering’s Smart Grid Energy Research Center. MOEV’s electric vehicle charger, the Quad 2.4 TM, charges four EVs on a single circuit. The company’s MOCBox TM monitors  and controls third-party EV chargers. MOEV’s Control TM dashboard features AI and machine learning that allows for EV charging site hosts to manage smart energy grid interactions of their electric vehicle support equipment.