MOEV AI ™Electric Fleet Optimization and Charging Management

AI software predicts throughout the day the energy needed for the vehicle’s duty cycle needs, and uses data from EV metering, fleet telematics, real-time traffic, driving routes, weather, electricity pricing, driver and vehicle. This reduces stress of the drivers and operators. 

Machine learning software learns about fleet needs so as to optimize the charging power, and reduce electricity bill by minimizing demand charges and optimizing around time of us pricing.

Dashboard provides up to the minute information about the fleet’s energy usage and needs throughout the day, and the machine learning software helps maximize the use of the EVs by smart scheduling of charging either during the day or night and reducing downtime of the EVs.

By carefully optimizing how much and what power levels to charge at, the AI system maximizes battery life of the EV.



MOEV AI TM is a machine learning (ML) software that manages electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure for fleets.  The software resides on the Internet Cloud, and achieves the following: (i) Minimizes the operating expense (OPEX) via smart managed charging, resulting in minimized electric bills,  (ii) Reduces driver stress (STRESSEXTM) related to range anxiety which is achieved via our app ensuring that the duty cycle needs of the fleet operator are optimally met through the day and that the utilization of the EV is optimized for the operator’s needs, (iii) Maximizes battery life by fine-tuned control of charging power thereby reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) of the electric fleet, and, (iv) Optimizes return on capital expense (CAPEX) by maximizing utilization of the EV fleet.  

Our AI technology applies a unique machine learning approach on data that includes EV metering data, fleet telematics, real-time traffic, driving routes, weather, electricity pricing, and other types of data inputs, to predict EV charging needs through the day, and optimally manage the charging of the vehicles.

MOEV AI™ Dashboard


The fleet operator receives an enterprise account that enables its staff to view data graphically, using the MOEV AITM Dashboard.  We provide an interactive touch screen (as shown on the right) that displays real-time information on the real time predicted remaining miles of each EV, the current and future predicted state of charge (SOC), predicted energy consumption of each vehicle through the day, charging scheduling including whether a vehicle needs to return in the middle of the day to recharge, where and when, and all this data feeds into their real time dispatch and operations.

The dashboard fully manages and displays where and how much each vehicle is charging and predicts when it will complete charging so as to make it available for operations.  



MOEV AITM App provides a steady stream of information intended to reduce driver stress associated with range anxiety that has accompanied fleet drivers transitioning from diesel or gasoline to electric vehicles.  The App predicts the battery status and remaining mileage depending on a large number of factors including weather, traffic, route, driving history, etc., so as to guide the driver with respect to decision making of drive versus charge.  If it detects that the battery is not able to make a trip, it guides the driver to the most optimum charging site.