MOEV AI ™Smart Charging System

MOEV’s system integrates a cloud-hosted platform, featuring AI, artificial-intelligence-based EV charging power control.

That, along with a comprehensive EV charging site host management solution.

MOEV also offers a smart and cost-effective EV charger that handles four electric vehicles at once, along with a box for monitoring and controlling 3rd-party chargers. 

Our EV charging energy monitoring and management system also includes an app for electric vehicle owners to monitor their charging sessions.



MOEV AppTM allows EV drivers to customize EV charging based on variables such as departure time, energy requirements, energy costs etc. The A.I. algorithms on the cloud optimize the system for many classes of customers, such as multi-unit dwellings, workplaces, and fleets, locations which tend to have long dwell times.

MOEV AppTM provides EV charging customers with the option of getting the cheapest energy, and the means to opt-in to their local utility’s incentivized offerings, such as making their EV a part of the demand response (DR) program. Also, some drivers may wish to participate in solar energy, or wind energy markets. With MOEV AppTM, they will be able to do so.



MOEV AI TM is a cloud-based smart charging system that uses data gathered from EV chargers, drivers and the site host, determining an optimum approach to EV charging. The AI technology uses historical and real time data from EV drivers and chargers to manage charging load and schedule charging. A benefit of this software is that it satisfies the energy needs of the driver through a user friendly app. The consumer data is mined for managing and controlling EV charging to the benefit of the site host by reducing EV charging cost.

MOEV Dashboard™


Customers receive an enterprise account that enables them to view data graphically, using MOEV Dashboard TM. EV charger site hosts deserve control over EVSE investment. Those who utilize MOEV Dashboard TM get it, real-time information about EV charger electricity use, microgrid energy resources, and electricity demand and price information to your best advantage.



For control of legacy, or 3rd-party chargers, the MOEV MOCBox TM delivers smart charging functionality to any charger. This allows our Cloud TM software to help you avoid high demand charges.

MOEV Quad 2.4


MOEV Quad 2.4™ allows four electric vehicles to charge on a single 240-volt circuit, saving installation costs and avoiding need to move vehicles in many settings. Our quad chargers are ideal for fleet, workplace, and multi-user dwellings (apartment buildings and condos).
Reduce CO2, avoid demand charges, provide EV charging at the lowest cost and maximum financial renumeration, while supporting utility demand response signals. For cost effective installation and operation of EV charging infrastructure, the MOEV Quad 2.4™ and accompanying products are unmatched.