Artificial Intelligence based Machine Learning forEV ChargingInfrastructure Management

MOEV AI uses data gathered from EV chargers, drivers, fleet telematics, fleet management systems, and the site host, to determine an optimum approach to EV charging for a workplace. MOEV AI manages the chargers via its cloud-based control system. The AI technology uses historical and real time data to make the employee’s charging experience a positive one while simultaneously mining the data for managing and controlling EV charging to the benefit of the site host to reduce EV charging cost. Our system is cloud-based, is offered as a software as a service (SaaS), and functions independent of charging hardware as well as the EV.   The value to the fleet operator is reduction in operational expenses (OPEX) while ensuring that the fleet duty cycles are fully met, resulting in reduced stress (which we call STRESSEX™ **) caused by either transitioning from internal combustion vehicles to EVs or scaling up the number of EVs.   Smart charging also helps prolong battery life and reduces total cost of ownership for the fleet operator.

** STRESSEX™ is a trademark of MOEV Inc.

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